Sustainability at ]init[: Environment and digitalization

As specialists in digital solutions, we develop innovations that save paper, travel and time. In addition, we are also striving for more sustainability as a company through fewer business trips and more remote work.

Together with our clients, we implement digital innovations that change society sustainably. We also live digitalization in our company and in our work processes. We allow employees to travel more consciously – and only if it is indispensable. By strengthening remote work, we save travel to the office. Online meetings with our teams or clients have become the norm.


Sustainable digital solutions

We are specialists in digital solutions. So that citizens no longer have to travel to the office and companies waste less mail and paper, we develop digital processes, smart services and new, leaner processes for the digital society and modern administration together with our clients.


Fewer flights

Airplanes are much more harmful to the climate than other means of transport. That's why our employees only fly if the duration of a train journey between the start and destination exceeds four and a half hours. Thanks to the newly introduced policy, we were able to reduce the number of flights to 0.024 per employee in 2021. In 2020, the rate was 0.175 flights and in the pre-pandemic year 2019 it was 0.94 air travel.


Urban mobility

We are committed to sustainable mobility in urban areas. Since many employees come to the offices by bicycle, we have repurposed parking areas to create more bike parking spaces. We also develop solutions for flexible car and bike sharing that can be used by employees when needed. We have set up our first e-charging station for electric cars at our Berlin location.


The little things

Small things, big effect: Drinking water comes treated from the tap – awarded by the initiative "a tip : tap". On roof gardens, we create green oases where we harvest juicy fruit, healthy vegetables and fresh herbs. We pay attention to ecologically sustainable consumables, in meetings mainly regional products are served and at events we plan with locally rooted suppliers.

Discover where we are still sustainable

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Sustainability at ]init[: Management

We make sustainability our topic. After all, only those who are committed to their environment, society and sustainable entrepreneurial activity can strengthen their competitiveness and create lasting value.

Information on corporate sustainability
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Sustainability at ]init[: Society and Personnel Development

We live diversity in our sustainable corporate culture, train young people, give opportunities for lateral entry and promote personal commitment.

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Sustainability at ]init[: Energy efficiency and responsibility

We use our resources carefully. This is most evident in our commitment to a resource-efficient data center.

Our actions for more energy efficiency

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Anne Rudolph, Head of Corporate Communication at ]init[ AG

Anne Rudolph

Head of Corporate Communication & Sustainability

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