The Triple Thrust

Full service for digital projects

The creative excellence of a digital agency, the strategic vision of IT consulting, and the concentrated power of an IT system house. Every service for digital transformation under one roof. How can we help you?

Strategy & Consulting


In the public sector, a good reputation does not just fall from the sky. Because we have been advancing and accompanying the digitization of the public administration for more than 20 years, the recommendations of our strategists and consultants are well received everywhere. This makes us the ideal strategic partner. Also for a good game of chess.

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Creative & User Experience


When is the last time you broke the rules? That's the only way to create real innovation. That's why we avoid rigid concepts and prefer to think about digital services in the Experience Laboratory - together with you. To create something that inspires enthusiasm and surpasses expectations.

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Development & Solutions


Complex challenges? We love them. Our developers specialize in user-friendly portals, intranets and apps. With in-house software solutions and business applications, we create stable architectures, well-structured data workflows and streamlined processes - with exactly one goal: to create the greatest possible added value for organizations and their users.

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Content & Support


Did you know? The attention span of an online reader is about eight seconds. Pretty little time to convince them with content. That's why our content units use brilliantly researched content and crytsal clear messages. Thier specialty: to tell the most complicated facts from politics, business and society in a way that they provide a topic of conversation.

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The Mission: Make sure everything runs smoothly. The result for our System Engineers is the simple and challenging task of reliably running complex web offers and infrastructures with high protection requirements. That would be difficult without a personal service manager. That's why they are standard in every major hosting project. This means: an excellent system and exceptional service quality.

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