Services for the eSociety

Driving force of the digital community

What distinguishes a leading project service provider in the field of digital transformation? A 360° view. Reliability. Perfection. And the claim to sustainably increase the added value of our clients. In line with our mission: Services for the eSociety.

What Sets Us Apart

75% of our clients work with us more than once. The reason: a project performance that goes beyond the expected. And because we are always available.


Complex specialist applications with mature functionality and user experience. Smart websites that perform powerfully and safely. We unite both worlds.


Carefully implement digital transformation processes. Easily display complicated content. We can because we know how big organizations tick.


Our solutions are not a temporary fix. They are a long-term match for our clients, their goals and business processes.

Our compass: The long-standing management that has steered the course of the company since its founding in 1995.
Harald Felling, ]init[
Harald Felling

Chief Executive Officer

Dirk Stocksmeier, ]init[
Dirk Stocksmeier

Chief Technology Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Julia Läkemäker, ]init[
Julia Läkemäker

Chief Operating Officer

Sandra Valentin, ]init[ AG
Sandra Valentin

Chief Operating Officer