Sustainability at ]init[: Energy efficiency and responsibility

We use our resources carefully. This is most evident in our commitment to a resource-efficient data center.


Efficient energy technology

We purchase electricity from 100 percent renewable energies at all our locations. As smart offices, newly occupied office buildings are equipped with energy-optimized heating, air conditioning and lighting technology. We even retrofit older buildings with modern sensors to increase energy efficiency. In 2021, we were able to reduce our CO2 emissions by 27 percent compared to the previous year and by 67 percent compared to 2019.


Transparency for research

We operate one of three reference data centers in Germany with which the Federal Environment Agency researches the relationship between environmental, energy and cost efficiency in data center operation. For the KPI4DCE 2.0 project, we make key figures and indicators absolutely transparent.


Holistic Data Center Management

Due to multiple redundancy and reserve capacities, power consumption in the data center is high. We compensate for the energetic base load through particularly high energy and resource productivity. Oeko-Institut e. V. is researching this so-called rebound effect with our help in the MERU project.


Load-oriented energy efficiency

If less computing power is required, we go into power-saving mode. The fine-grained monitoring and adaptive control of our server systems detects when the performance of which components can be reduced – for example at night and on weekends. This Auto Scaling allows us to dynamically scale resources and helps to save valuable energy.

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Sustainability at ]init[: Environment and digitalization

As specialists in digital solutions, we develop innovations that save paper, travel and time. In addition, we are also striving for more sustainability as a company through fewer business trips and more remote work.

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Sustainable corporate governance: Meeting the future with open eyes

By evaluating and analyzing the impact of all our business activities, we find answers as to how we can make our contribution to a future worth living. In doing so, we pay the utmost attention to responsible corporate governance. 

Information on corporate sustainability
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Sustainability at ]init[: Society and Personnel Development

We embrace diversity, train young people, offer opportunities for lateral entry and encourage personal commitment. Diversity and inclusion in everyday working life create a feel-good atmosphere. This is not the only reason why many employees stay with us for more than five years.

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Anne Rudolph, Head of Corporate Communication at ]init[ AG

Anne Rudolph

Head of Corporate Communication & Sustainability

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