Moving image for all channels

Reppelling from a naval helicopter, with the German Meteorological Service on mountain peaks, behind the scenes of the digital poison. With our camera, we are close to the people who move our country.

An editor from ]init[ informs the participant of an event on camera.
Two video producers from ]init[ shoot in front of a two-way excavator on the Berlin city railroad.
A video producer from ]init[ is powdering an interview partner in front of a green screen. In the foreground, the camera and various monitors can be seen.

With a multidisciplinary video team, we are one of the established and experienced service providers for digital moving image communication for ministries and authorities. Our mission: Transform the topics and messages from our clients into creative and understandable formats that communicate a political agenda and provide target groups with relevant and precise information.

20 permanent specialists for every production step think of online videos in the overall context of a communication strategy. This enables us to create video formats that are closely tailored to the needs of our clients without external acquisitions. Thanks to our strong network, we still have the opportunity to be on site quickly anywhere in Germany if necessary.

A video producer from ]init[ accompanies an event on film.

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Our Showreel

Our services

  • Advice: Good planning is half shot. Journalistic craft and editorial sensitivity are the basis for meaningful storyboards, creative formats and sophisticated film concepts.
  • Video production: 4K, 360 degrees, mobile reporting, multicopters, gimbals, green screen — we use the entire spectrum of state-of-the-art production technology for breathtaking images and exceptional perspectives.
  • Post production: Nothing is faster than live streaming — we can do that from almost anywhere. But also format-independent, lightning-fast post-production, including motion graphics for all output channels, from mobile video to cinema projection.
  • Video marketing and viral seeding: Online videos are not a matter of course. We attract attention with targeted content seeding in high-reach media and social networks.
  • Accessibility: Sign language, multilingual subtitles, full text alternatives. We implement video content in accordance with the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance BITV 2.0.

Our clients

Current projects and topics

A young woman sketches the wireframe of a website on a whiteboard.

User Experience: Shaping digitalization together with users

We stand for interdisciplinary teams and an open mindset. We therefore shape the digital transformation of our clients in agile teams together with our users.

Insights into the field of experience design
An African school class in the classroom. The teacher, standing in front of a blackboard, looks questioningly into the class. A student raises his hand.

Editorial work in the feel-good package

Worldwide content management for over 120 country offices, all from a single source. With a large team, we are responsible for this task so that the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH can carry out effective development cooperation.

This is how we support the online communication of GIZ
A young woman looks at her laptop. She is sitting in a light-filled room with a cup of coffee next to her on the desk.

Networking actors and staging successes

Behind the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG) are many actors who need to exchange information and network. The Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI) counts on our understanding of clear content so that the sometimes very complex information on digitalization projects is available to everyone.

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