A modern CMS to launch

Innovative solutions need modern technology. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) was the first major government agency to implement Government Site Builder in its freshly released version 10. With the relaunch, we quickly implemented a portal that opens up a universe of possibilities for users.

In research and development for the aerospace industry, precision and an adept eye for even the smallest detail are what count. This ambition is also reflected in our work for DLR. Our client wanted to bring its information offering on DLR.de up to date in terms of technology and data security using Government Site Builder 10 (GSB). We took charge of the relaunch and demonstrated the flexibility of the federal government's style guide with an innovative operating concept.

Screenshot of the DLR portal homepage
Screenshots of topic pages on the DLR portal

Early planning pays off

To implement good concepts, you must start early. That's why we provide our clients with comprehensive advice at the earliest possible stage. We planned the software integration and templating for DLR.de while GSB 10 was still in the beta phase. Together, we developed a proof of concept that illuminated all the technical intricacies and processes for the subsequent operation of the platform.

Flexible and user-friendly

Digital solutions must be designed for the target groups. With more than 6,000 articles, 8,000 media elements and around 550 thematic subpages, DLR's information portal addresses various stakeholder groups and is therefore immensely large. They range from the expert public and research to the media and interested citizens.

A DLR helicopter and drone on an airfield on the ground.

Everyone benefits from the changeover to GSB 10. DLR administrators and editors can now flexibly combine modules designed for DLR in different ways. The CMS modular system creates individual pages that still fit into the corporate design.

Thanks to a revised information architecture, visitors to the site can now find the information they are looking for much more quickly. With the help of the optimized search, desired content can be found faster. A thesaurus and automated indexing of around 60,000 documents make this possible.

DevOps Operations Prep

Complex systems need strong hosting. Using a DevOps approach, we worked very closely with the operations managers at the DLR computer center even during software development. The coordinated technical approach and active mutual know-how transfer paid off: From infrastructure planning to embedding the deployment processes in DLR's operations, all project solutions went live.

A CMS to launch

With our support, DLR finally benefits from the advantages of a modern CMS that enables up-to-date presentations, is technically stable and meets the needs of the users.

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Current projects and topics

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Creating digital experiences with strong CMS technologies

We meet the digital challenges of our clients with sophisticated solutions that simply work. We implement platforms and portals with future-proof and adaptable content management systems (CMS).

We are absolute specialists in these CMS technologies
The yellow-blue Ukrainian flag overlaid with the face of a woman.

From idea to launch in ten days

When setting up the Germany4Ukraine aid portal, things had to move quickly. With our extensive project experience in the public sector, we supported the Federal Ministry of the Interior and for the Interior (BMI) in this task in an agile and user-oriented manner.

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From traditional specialist publisher to digital pioneer

With a tailor-made shop platform, Beuth Verlag revolutionizes the distribution of DIN standards with us.

Details of the e-commerce project for Beuth Verlag
A Deutz AG employee repairs an industrial engine in a production hall.

Digital service in full swing

Repairs to the engine in less time and easier preparation for the workshops - with the Connect app, DEUTZ AG found a successful entry into the digital service world. We received the Red Dot Design Award for excellent communication design.

Information about the Connect App for DEUTZ
Logo of Continental AG against a yellow background.

Successful internal and external communication

Continental develops technologies worldwide that network mobility and thus make life smarter and safer. To showcase this successful work in corporate communications, we restaged the digital brand with a new corporate website and corporate intranet.

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