BOReg tool is fighting corruption in Bulgaria

Forensic IT analysis software



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The Republic of Bulgaria’s Council of Ministers now has a forensic analysis software to use in its fight against corruption and organized crime. The specialized application "BOReg" was developed and implemented by ]init[.

BOReg is a specialized IT tool tailored to the needs of the Bulgarian "Center for prevention and fight against corruption and organized crime" (ZPBKOK). The web-based software analyzes anti-corruption authority laws and other regulations, organizations, processes, as well as technical and administrative operations. Vulnerabilities can thus be detected as early as possible and countermeasures can be tailored accordingly.

The professional software is in operation at the Bulgarian anti-corruption center ZPBKOK. ]init[ coordinated the organizational and technical building of the department, and realized the application of software-supported analysis technology "Generic Intervention System Principle" (GISP) through implementation of the BOReg IT tool.

"In Bulgarian the acronym BORKOR means ‘the fight against corruption'. Based on German standards for Project Management V-Model XT Authority, the realized software is a perfect starting point for effective, preventive action against corruption," said Rolf Schlotterer, who was appointed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior for the duration of the project as Government Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior in Bulgaria. "The project is a sample for development and implementation of best practices, and for successful European cooperation on the basis of the V-Modell XT project management standards of the German Federal Government. The ZPBKOK came from this: the first matrix organization in Bulgaria. Working in a contrasting way to classical authorities, in this project-based organization two different management structures carry out projects efficiently together in accordance with established rules."

The "BORKOR" project marks the first time a derivative of the Federal Standards V-Modell XT has been developed for Bulgaria and tested in conjunction with the GISP technology outside Germany. The end result is an organizational, methodological and software-assisted complex model, which is predestined to identify and develop effective measures against corruption risks and violations of the rules created by a specially developed analysis system.

CEO of ]init[ AG, Harald Felling says, "The fight against corruption and organized crime is a high priority in the European Union and its Member States. We are proud to have made an important contribution to overcoming the problem by implementing BOReg in cooperation with our Bulgarian partners.”

Press release, 24 November 2015