Christmas time, donation time. For many years now, ]init[ has refrained from large client gifts and instead chose to support non-profit organizations. In 2020 we asked our employees where they think immediate help is now indispensable. 650 ]init['s voted on 19 suggestions and thus collectively decided to whom the Christmas donation in 2020 will be given.

Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V.

Camp Moria. During the night of September 8, 2020, several fires broke out in Camp Moria, burning down nearly the entire refugee camp. Until then, Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos was the largest refugee camp in Europe. After the fire a new camp was built near the coast. Our donation supports Ärzte ohne Grenzen e. V. in running a clinic on the outskirts of the camp. There, doctors not only treat the most obvious injuries, but also provide psychological support to the survivors of torture, sexualized violence and abuse - some of whom are severely traumatized.

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Sea-Watch e.V.

Civil sea rescue at Europe's borders. Our donation supports the purchase of rescue equipment needed for the missions of the initiative founded in 2014. Every day, people fleeing war, hunger or political persecution drown on their life-threatening journey across the Mediterranean. Sea-Watch's top priority is to save these people from drowning.

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Therapiezentrum für Folteropfer des Caritasverbandes für die Stadt Köln e.V.

Counseling and treatment for severely traumatized refugees. Our donation supports the cost-free contact point for traumatized refugees can implement and further expand its psychosocial therapy services. Since refugees have only limited or no access to the health care system, the therapy center fills a large gap in the care system for refugees.

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