Our Drupal team has launched one of the nation's largest public-sector Drupal 8 projects.

At www.polizei.nrw, the information and services offered by 47 county police authorities and 3 state authorities have found a new, uniform home. The custom work of our Drupal team stands for a visually high-quality, technically efficient and clearly service-oriented appearance of the police of North Rhine-Westphalia.

"The optical appearance is high-quality, technically efficient and clearly service-oriented. For example, features like a digital guards finder help locate the nearest police station. And by building a multi-client architecture, the 150 editors in the police departments can even independently create and publish thematic websites."

Maik Farthmann

Executive Director, ]init[

Project Insights
  • With the decision for the current version 8 of Drupal, it sets the LZPD on state-of-the-art data security, and thus ensures the future of the application
  • The implemented multi-client architecture currently manages 51 Internet sites in a central and resource-saving manner. The solution allows quick and easy setup of additional police websites on the same Drupal instance. Further developments can be rolled out directly to all police websites.
  • The domain access-based solution takes into account the requirements of a decentralized editorial office and allows content sharing between police authorities' websites.
  • The Internet presence of the police NRW joins the uniform presentation of state chancellery, state ministries and subordinate authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • The high protection requirement of the platform against possible threat scenarios was enforced by a particularly secure development environment, a suitably designed system architecture and a specially protected editorial access. For protection purposes, the website is operated by ]init[ on the BSI-certified high-security data center.


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