National Arms Register

The database on the acquisition and possession of firearms specified by our interoperability specialists is an important contribution to law enforcement and the fight against crime.

In dangerous situations, the police can find out in just a few minutes via the National Arms Register (NWR) whether suspects are in possession of a registered firearm. Definitely a novelty, as to some extent, requests took a great deal of time because some authorities still worked with index cards.

This has been made possible by XÖV standard XWaffe, which was developed and introduced by our operability experts in cooperation with federal and state governments.

"XWaffe and the ensuing assurance of the suitability of the local weapons management systems is the basis for the high quality and reliability of the retained data. Thanks to the use of standardized catalogs in the ÖWS systems with targeted search options, a major step towards proper administration in Germany can be made."

Marc Zumkley

Consulting Director, ]init[

The NWR is a prime example of successful IT project management – two years before the start date set by the EU Weapons Directive, Germany had a central electronic National Arms Register.

Project Highlights
  • The XÖV-conformant XWaffe communication standard is the primary foundation upon which data delivery is based for digital arms registries from around 550 German weapons authorities
  • Smooth communication between the IT systems of the weapons authorities and the registry database in the Federal Office of Administration
  • A high quality, reliable common database for all legitimate public authorities
  • Compliance checks simplify the modernization of IT systems in public authorities and the adaptation of local arms management systems
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