The paperless administration finds its way into the comfort of your own home: With the service framework AntOn, we digitize one of the most popular and well-known German family services.

ElterngeldDigital, a central project of the BMFSFJ on its way to the digitalization of the family ministry, has started pilot program. On the portal designed and developed by us, parents from Berlin and Saxony can conveniently fill out an application for parental allowance from home. After the pilot program, it will be possible in a further expansion stage to transfer applications with one click into the specialized procedures of the parental benefit offices.

With the start of the pilot phase by Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey, the first step has been taken. A large media response was guaranteed, because ElterngeldDigital makes it easier for mothers and fathers to complete the paper forms, which can take up to 14 pages, in a time-consuming process.


More User Experience, Less Bureaucracy

One of the main questions that our digital strategists faced in a complex requirement and concept phase with federal and state governments was: How do we digitize the application forms and processes under complex legal framework conditions, so that parents can use the service online in the most convenient and time-saving manner possible?

An intelligent assistant consistently follows the user journey of the requesting parent and guides them with simple personalized queries and validations through the forms. Digital help functions such as FAQs and tooltips save the demands of the parental authority, automatic validity checks protect against input errors. Once started, applications can be saved and processed at a later date.

Moreover, data from the parental allowance calculator and planner of the BMFSFJ - with more than two million users per year one and of the most popular online offers of the German administration - can be transferred to the digital parental allowance application at the push of a button.

Administrative Modernization in the OZG Context

In order to take ElterngeldDigital to the next level within the meaning of the Online Access Act (OZG), the BMFSFJ, together with ]init[, is promoting the further expansion of the system. Currently, due to legal requirements, the completed application forms must still be printed out, signed and sent with all supporting documents by post to the competent parental benefit agency.

But the BMFSFJ is already a clear pioneer in the digitization of administrative performance in the OZG context. Because ElterngeldDigital offers all the prerequisites for a fully electronic parental allowance application. In early 2019, for example, we will connect the platform directly with business applications in the parental benefit offices of the federal states.

For this purpose, our developers provide interfaces that can be used to automatically submit applications that have been completed once with the click of a mouse. With the electronic handover, parental benefit offices benefit from lower-margin applications and significantly lower processing times. Further expansion stages are already planned: in the future, it should be possible to digitally send the paperless application with electronic signature to the parental benefit office.

Project Insights
  • Simplifying and optimizing the process of applying for parental benefits for parents, federal states and parental benefit centers without affecting the existing responsibilities and specialized business applications
  • A common front-end for online application for parental allowance
  • Assistant with intelligent form design, help functions and validity checks leads comfortably through the online application, saving time
  • Business application interfaces hand over the application data to the respectively responsible parental benefit centers for direct electronic further processing
  • Hosting the offer in the BSI-certified ]init[ central Data Center
  • Certification of ElterngeldDigital by the German Federal Office for Information Security with the IT Security Certificate ISO 27001 to meet the high protection requirements of personal social data
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