A specialist for innovative engines on the way to the digital service world. We support with an app that revolutionizes the service process for off-highway engines. And wins the Red Dot design competition.

DEUTZ Connect offers operators of construction machines or tractors, for example, punctual service and reduces unnecessary machine downtimes. This makes mobile engine diagnostics an excellent example of the digitization of an often requested service in the industrial sector - from conclusive UX design to real-time communication between the engine and the app, to the secure transmission of data to service technicians.

"With the DEUTZ Connect App, we provide the client with a powerful and modern tool that makes the service and maintenance processes around our engines even more efficient."


Michael Wellenzohn

Member of the Board, DEUTZ AG

Real-time Data from the Engine

Our UX consultants, designers and app developers have gone to great lengths to provide up-to-date digital service offerings: DEUTZ Connect bundles a wealth of engine information on a well-structured dashboard. System variables of the machine and the exhaust aftertreatment are evaluated and displayed in real time.

The diagnostic tool displays the current engine speed, ambient air pressure and temperature, fuel delivery pressure or coolant level. The data exchange takes place via a Bluetooth interface, for which only an OBD-2 diagnostic adapter must be connected to the motor.


Service and Repair in no Time

With targeted measurements, for example, on engine utilization, customers can identify and record problems. Until now, the use of a service technician has been necessary for such diagnoses. If the user detects irregularities, they can contact a local service partner via the app and send the error memory with a click. The measurement data help prepare for advanced diagnostics and repairs that can be completed in less time.

Good Work is Rewarded

For outstanding design and creative performance, the famous and internationally renowned Red Dot design competition recognizes the app we have developed for DEUTZ AG. From a total of 8,600 submissions from 45 nations, a 24-person expert panel decided that DEUTZ Connect would receive the award in the "Mobile App" category.

Project Insights
  • Positioning of DEUTZ as a digital technology leader in the industry segment
  • Digitization of the service and repair process
  • Creation of a new mobile customer touchpoint
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction and loyalty
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