With our full technology portfolio, we successfully position the automotive supplier and technology group on the Web.

Full speed ahead in digital brand management at Continental. The global corporate website is reinventing itself as an all-in-one portal, connecting all channels to a unified user experience. Based on a user experience design, we brought together the previously independent corporate portals and intelligently linked them with the product-centric websites of the divisions. On a technical basis, we deployed CoreMedia CMS with a comprehensive performance and security optimization.

"We know what moves our audiences and have designed the website to be a valuable part of their user journey."

Sarah Pieper

Manager Online Relations, Continental

Clarity with Maximum User-friendliness

The aim of the relaunch and mission of the project team was to achieve clarity with the highest level of user-friendliness. For the complex user groups of customers and investors, media and applicants, to the interested public and employees, an intuitive navigation has been developed that makes all content accessible in three clicks.

Information Hubs

 As well as the tidied-up homepage, which contains teasers for the most current and important content from each area, Continental offers its target groups six central information hubs, offering tailored Continental content. The detail pages are also not dead ends: as well as containing the primary information, they offer additional content, links or extra resources to fulfil different user needs. They also provide useful service features such as the booklet function, to download documents or send via a link, or the event reminder function for events, offering added value for users. Through integration of multimedia content, innovations and products are presented impressively and clearly.

Project Insights
  • Strengthening the digital brand through a globally uniform Internet presence and a new concept for country websites
  • Clarity with maximum user-friendliness through intuitive navigation that makes all content accessible in three clicks
  • Accurate content on six central information hubs
  • Extensive service features with added value for users
  • Agile development process with close integration of the customer into the project team


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