Creating the Workplace of the Future: We've brought Continental's global intranet up to date on the employee experience and digital workplace.

Highest demands on visual excellence, service design and pinpoint content in a sustainably expandable worldwide and extremely high-performance CoreMedia CMS environment. Nothing less is acceptable to provide a digital home to 227,000 employees at 427 locations in 56 countries in a fully customizable portal.

Mixed Language & Content Lifecycle

The implementation of the portal with CoreMedia CMS offers technical innovations that clearly set it apart from the competition: A mixed language concept promotes the exchange of information and reduces language barriers between the globally distributed employees. These determine their preferences from 15 languages, which the system takes into account when outputting the content.

In addition, the new intranet automatically ensures that it is up-to-date. If a page is not updated for more than 12 months, the system automatically marks it as obsolete and deletes it if the page owner does not update.

Project Insights

More than 1,000 employees attended interviews and UX tests prior to the project.

With around 500 user stories and 900 story points, central requirements could be addressed and brought together in a solution that replaces more than 45 local intranets.

Subject and newsfeeds tailored to the respective location and working context provide orientation, modern tools for digital collaboration promote the exchange of ideas between teams, intelligently networked content and infotainment offers.

Dialogue and collaboration are supported by the close integration of ConNext, Continental's social enterprise solution.

Implementation of the global training program for the introduction of the intranet with around 90 face-to-face trainings and more than 30 digital editorial trainings for 1,300 employees.


"As a fully-fledged social intranet, our new intranet promotes dialogue between employees and companies, strengthening our corporate culture."


Monika Andrae

Online Relations Manager, Continental





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