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Maintenance Radar

An online self-assessment helps companies to discover optimization potential and reduce maintenance costs.

How can Bilfinger, the leading international industrial services provider, manage to increase the reliability of its customers' industrial plants by 10 percent within five years while reducing maintenance costs by up to 40 percent? With decades of experience in comprehensive know-how, bundled together in the "Bilfinger Maintenance Concept" (BMC).

For interested companies, the first step towards improvement is the maintenance radar we developed for Bilfinger. Designed as an online self-assessment tool, it quickly and easily uncovers optimization potential that dwells in the maintenance of industrial machinery, free of charge. For Bilfinger, a perfect start in the development of new BMC partnerships.

Project Insights
  • The digital tool enhances client inquiries and supports client loyalty in the business segments of maintenance, modifications & operations.
  • Conception, usability and survey design aligned to the targeted analysis and assessment of the level of maintenance maturity.
  • Technical implementation of tool and result reporting with the feedback management solution, Questback.
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