From traditional publisher to digital pioneer: with a tailor-made shop platform, the DIN subsidiary is revolutionizing the distribution of DIN standards.

6 million visitors per year, 615,000 products, including 490,000 as on-demand content, 515,000 customers and around 1,200 orders per day - the Beuth Verlag webshop is in high demand among standardization experts from all sectors and professions.

The subsidiary of DIN  has recognized digitization early. Today, 80 percent of national and international standards, technical rules and technical literature go about the digital counter. We also find, like our client, Beuth, that there is more - with a fully modernized shop platform.

The Task: A harmonized CoreMedia CMS architecture

Building on Beuth's new digital sales strategy, an agile development team modernized the entire CMS architecture of the shop system from the ground up. The trick: Together with DIN and CoreMedia, we set the course for strategic content management within the entire DIN Group in a separate project. A perfect technological starting point for the relaunch of the shop.

Project Insights

The highly customized CoreMedia platform offers the best prerequisites for optimally supporting customers throughout their entire customer journey.

Recommendation: Engine and checkout processes help to increase shopping cart values, conversion rate and cross-selling potential.

Responsive layouts optimize the device-independent ordering and purchasing process.

The Choice: Tailored eCommerce platform

The product portfolio of Beuth Verlag is growing rapidly. Likewise are the expectations and wishes of the Beuth customers for a sophisticated customer journey and a seamless, integrated shopping experience on all touchpoints. Around 500 User Stories and a prototype created using the Atomic Design Principle formed the starting point for a highly agile development process.

To respond directly to stakeholder feedback in the different sprints, Beuth's e-business team was tightly integrated with the project team, as were moccu's design experts and Peak Ace's SEO specialists.

Tiefe Integration von Drittsystemen

A challenge that was well received by our CoreMedia developers: Beuth does not use e-commerce via connected shop systems such as Salesforce, SAP Hybris or Elastic Path. The DIN Group has an asset repository for standards and technical rules with DIN21, which integrates product data into the shop instance of the CoreMedia architecture in real time. In this respect, we were able to launch an impressive interface and third-party system integration to map the specific e-commerce requirements and business logic in CoreMedia CMS; starting with the optimized conversion funnel and shopping cart process, the enhanced commerce tracking with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Hotjar until the integration of the Prudsys Recommendation Engine.



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