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Societies & Associations

]init[ actively plays a part in societies and associations with our more than 15 years of project experience in the public sector.

In this way we support activities, programmes and initiatives for modern administration, reduction of bureaucracy and efficient e-government in well-known industry associations. Furthermore, we champion Berlin-Brandenburg as an IT location, bundling the competencies of IT companies in the region and the current topics in society, such as the next generation of skilled professionals in the IT field.

We derive our social involvement from our core values and convictions. In expert networks, societies and associations we give the impulses for the future of IT-driven administration, which we would like to play a part in shaping with creative and innovative approaches to solutions and strategies.

In doing so, we are driven by the vision that only through the bundling of all responsible bodies for knowledge and competencies on a political, economic and scientific level can there be real added value for our society.

]init[ is active in the following societies and associations:



Logo DIHK Ausschuss Telekommunikation und Neue Dienste

Logo GI – Gesellschaft für Informatik

Logo Berliner Kampagne für IT- und Digitale Wirtschaft “redefine the possible. log in. berlin."

Logo Münchner Kreis

Logo Fraunhofer Innovationscluster „Next Generation ID“