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20 years of public sector project experience and long-term client relationships have shaped us and helped define our core values and beliefs.

We are driven by our vision, Services for the eSociety, providing impetus and innovation at the intersection of politics, society, science, and business.


We design social progress

We bring our expertise to high-tech initiatives, steering committees, and renowned think tanks to help design the society of tomorrow:

“National  E-Government Strategy”


National E-Government Center of Excellence (NEGZ)

Innovative State IT Services

]init[ has been an active member of IT Summit Working Group 3 since 2011. We drive forward issues such as implementation of the “National  E-Government Strategy”, development of IT
governance in Germany, and establishment of legal foundations such as the E-Government
Act. > www.it-gipfel.de


Founding member and active supporter

]init[was instrumental in the founding of the National E-Government Center of Excellence (NEGZ), and is actively involved in the Association’s working groups for effective, efficient modernization of government and administration. > www.negz.org


 Federal Chancellor greets “Smart Service World“


Indo-German eGovernance-Forum 2013

Smart Service World working group

In collaboration with partners, ]init[ is involved in a project for the future Federal Government high-tech strategy, designing innovative, data driven applications, services, and business models as a continuation of Industry 4.0. 
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The Indo-German eGovernance Forum 2013

]init[ established the Indo-German eGovernance Forum to promote knowledge exchange. High-level eGovernment experts and policy makers from both countries discussed IT-based solutions for current governance challenges. 
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We have a strong presence in associations and organizations

Based on our conviction that modern technologies contribute to the welfare of society as a whole, we provide impetus - in established regional IT industry associations and organizations, and for the IT industry in general.

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init[ in research and development networks

Innovation and trends are the driving forces behind social development. Monitoring and researching them in order to develop creative new solutions forms the foundation of our collaborations with research and development partners.

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Show ]init[iative – live social responsibility

As a corporate citizen, ]init[ accepts conscious responsibility for the environment and society. Democratic, social and ecological core values are an integral part of our corporate culture.

Sustainable development for children and young people is particularly important to us. We also promote social projects to which we can contribute our expertise. We support our employees who give up their spare time to help others in social projects.

CSR projects

  • Photo of "Sukuta-Wannsee Schule in Gambia"
    Donation for African primary school

    (Summer 2014) Our information architect Christian Hochhuth is using his sabbatical to assist social projects in Africa. ]init[ is supporting his commitment with a donation towards the building of the Sukuta-Wannsee Schule in Gambia.

  • Photo of "Baskeball Aid"
    ]init[ is bouncing too!

    (Summer 2014) Andreas Steffen, our Innovation Manager, initiated the BOUNCE! project by BASKETBALL AID e. V. in 2011. ]init[ is again providing support this year with a donation to the Germany-wide campaign in aid of children with cancer: www.ichbouncemit.de.

  • Nanhi Kali
    Nanhi Kali: Schooling for 200 Indian girls

    (Christmas 2014) This year’s Christmas charity campaign supports once again the Indian education project Nanhi Kali. As we were capable to enable 200 girls to attend school in 2014, we would now like to continue this good cause in 2015.

  • Screenshot www.evangelische-gesamtschule.de
    Wittenberg Comprehensive School

    (Spring 2013) ]init[ Project Manager Antje Vollmer is helping to give the Wittenberg Evangelical Comprehensive School a modern new Internet presence. ]init[ is supporting the new site’s technical development with a donation.

  • Two Indian school girls and logo of "Nanhi Kali"
    Educational opportunities for 200 Indian girls

    (Christmas 2012) Together with 124 clients and partners, ]init[ is supporting the Indian education project Nanhi Kali. 200 disadvantaged young girls will now receive a year of quality education.

  • Run for Children Mainz 2012
    ]init[ at the Charity Run in Mainz

    (Summer 2012) 15 employees from ]init[‘s Mainz office took part in the Run for Children. The run was organized to support regional child aid organizations in Mainz. The event was a great success, with €232,600 raised for good causes.

  • Logo kiva organization
    Micro-Credits for Business Startups

    (Christmas 2011) ]init[ donates 8,000 Euro to kiva. The non-profit organization supports people in poorer countries with micro-credits on their path to independence.

  • The girl getting the donation
    Donation for Dolphin Therapy

    (Summer 2011) Our innovation manager is voluntarily engaged at BASKETBALL AID e.V. Thanks to a donation by ]init[ AG the nonprofit association was able to finance a dolphin therapy for a girl suffering from cancer.

  • Circus Treasure Island in Berlin Kreuzberg (Photo: c/o Schatzinsel; Doris Spiekermann Klaas;  Uwe Gero)
    Circus Treasure Island

    (Summer 2011) Neighborly help: ]init[ contributes for a part of the new big top of the Circus Schatzinsel in Kreuzberg, in which children and teenagers are having fun experimenting, putting their ideas into practice and making circus.

  • Participants of the RHOK Events Berlin (Source: rhokberlin / flickr)
    Random Hacks of Kindness

    (Spring 2011) ]init[ supported the Random Hacks of Kindness event in Berlin. In the course of this programming marathon applications for a good cause are developed - to help in events of emergencies or to protect and prevent.

  • Picture from "Zirkus Internationale"
    Step right up!

    (Christmas 2010) At "Zirkus Internationale e.V." in Berlin-Wedding,five- to sixteen-year-old children and teenagers ocupy themselves with circus, theatre, stage construction or dancing. Here, kids from many different countries enjoy being creaive together.

  • Logo, members and carers of the training center Kreuzberg e.V.
    Training Center Kreuzberg e.V.

    (Christmas 2009) ]init[ supports the center's training restaurant Muskat with a christmas donation. There, women and young mothers without any certificate have the chance to start their occupation as a cook or another qualified employee in the catering industry.

  • Students, volunteers and host families of Copernicus Berlin e.V.
    Copernicus Berlin e.V.

    (Summer 2009) The association organizes a scholarship program for east European students. Sascha Walther, working in the marketing unit of ]init[, is a member of the association. Together with students and families he made a scholarship, supported by ]init[, possible for a Tadjik student.

  • Children in the refugee camp of Irbid, Jordan
    Refugee Camp in Irbid, Jordan

    (Spring 2009) The refugee camp in Irbid, Jordan, was established in the 1960's by the UNO for driven out Palestinians. With the help of ]init[, urgently needed winter blankets could be bought.

  • Women in the jam factory, Senegal
    Help people to help themselves

    (Christmas 2008) ]init[ supports with its christmas donation the Senegalhilfe e.V. and thus encourages the business start-up of women, who run a small jam factory in Mbour, Senegal.

  • Screenshot of the homepage of "Show Your Face! For a tolerant Germany e.V."
    Campaign "Show Your Face!"

    (Fall 2008) With a new website and its ongoing support, ]init[ features the campaign „Show Your Face! For a tolerant Germany e.V.“. The nonprofit association encourages people to take action against racism and xenophobia.

  • Software-Developer Falko Braun is sailing
    Youth Sailing in Sail Club Rheingau e.V.

    (2008) Falko Braun, who is not only developing software for ]init[, is one of the coaches in the Sail Club Rheingau e.V.. Thanks to the donation of ]init[, children and teenagers can be introduced to sailing with lots of fun in the future as well.

  • 2nd ]init[ Orange Race in front of the Federal Chancellor's Office
    2nd ]init[ Orange Race

    (Summer 2008) With the anual dragonboat race "Orange Race" for policy and administration, ]init[ shows corporate social responsibility and sponsors regional social projects.

  • Logo of Spinnboden e.V.
    Digitalization of the journal „Loving Women“

    (2008) Our software-developer Stefanie Pöschl is committed in the managing board of the women project "Spinnboden e.V.". ]init[ supports with its donation the digitalization of the journal „Loving Women“, which was published in the 1920's.

  • Building of the Steglitz High School in Berlin
    Donation of PCs

    (Spring 2008) The Steglitz High School intensifies the practical and creative IT-education of their pupils. ]init[ supported the school in Berlin with a donation of ten PCs after a fire in the IT room.

  • Class room of a school in the Ivory Coast
    Cocoa and Education

    (Christmas 2007) The social project "Kavokiva" in the Ivory Coast supports cocoa farmers in the region of Daloa by building schools and fair trading of their products. ]init[ has supported the equipping of the class rooms with teaching materials with a christmas donation.

  • Race scene of the first "Orange Race"
    Orange Race

    (Fall 2007) ]init[ has not only set an athletic, but also a social sign in Berlin with the first "Orange Race". The winners of the dragonboat race have taken on sponsorships for social projects with children and pupils from Berlin. 

  • Screenshot of the Wahl-Fang website
    Mobilization of Voters

    The core of the "Wahl-Fang" campaign on politik.de are VIPs from policy, economy and the show business, who are talking about their individual experience with the topic "elections". It is their contribution to the mobilization of voters for the election of the parliament in 2002, 2005 and 2009.

  • Children in the SOS Children's Village Berlin-Moabit
    Helping and Bringing Together

    (Christmas 2006) The project SOS Children's Village Berlin-Moabit supports socially weak children, teenagers and families and encourages the integration of different nations in the neighborhood. 

  • Logo of the Internet-License
    PC- and Internet License

    (Fall 2006) Together with the SIBB e.V., ]init[ has started the initiative "8000 PC-Licenses for pupils of Neukölln" to guarantee them a perfect start into the digital world.

  • Long Table Bergmannstraße
    Long Table

    (Summer 2006) The intention of the "Long Table Bergmannstraße" is to create a dialogue between these, who do not get together normally due to their different daily life. ]init[ has sponsored the first event with a following arts exihibition of this multicultural dialogue between all generations.

  • Earth quake victims in Pakistan
    Help for earth quake victims

    (Christmas 2005) The earth quake in October has hit Pakistan badly. Unicef supports Pakistani emergency doctors and helps with the reconstruction of the infrastructure, especially of schools and thus creates a perspective for the children.

  • Helping children
    Warm Food for Pupils

    (Christmas 2004) The children and youth center "Die Arche" was founded in 1995 in Berlin. Getting children off the streets, offering leisure time activities and fighting against social deficits are the main objectives of the association.

  • Helping children
    Help for AIDS-Orphants

    (Christmas 2003) The Community Base Orphan Care Program is taking care of children, who have lost their parents because of the HIV-epidemic. In the poor districts of Blantyre, seven care-centers are looking after 720 children at the age between three and six years.

  • Helping children

    (Christmas 2001 and 2002) The organisation "Vozama", supported by MISEREOR, wants to help children from the countryside in south-central Madagascar with their literacy campaign by building schools in villages.

  • Flooding at the river Elbe
    Acting in an Emergency

    (Summer 2002) After the flood disaster in 2002, ]init[ assures a faster paying of financial support to the victims with a free database. It is the web application "Central Flooding Claims Settlement".