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Trade in services across the borders

BMWi launches information portal for EU Services Directive
Screenshot of the information portal for EU Services Directive

The Europe Services Directive (German abbr. EU-DLR) is a service-oriented project in order to reduce trade barriers in services across the borders. The significant part is its implementation through information technology: the retrieval or processing of all necessary information and administrative proceedings in the EU-wide trade in services should be online available from December 28th, 2009. In order to optimize the serviceability of the administration already before end of the deadline, the Federal Ministry of Economis and Technology (BMWi) has launched an information and service portal www.dienstleistungsrichtlinie.de.

The purpose of the portal is the bundling of the already existing information and range of services, especially from the areas company foundation, business development, business and life circumstances in order to actively support German and European service companies and consumers already in the run-up. So, the portal is not only a practical contact point for companies, but also a platform for a Europe-wide location marketing and cross-administration knowledge management.