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]init[ AG Presents Complete Solution “easy nPA” for New Identity Card

New offer for providers of online services

Logo easy nPAWith “easy nPA“ ]init[ AG for Digital Communication presents an innovative complete package for the integration of the online identification function in portal environments and business applications, just in time for the first birthday of the new identity card (nPA) on the first of November 2011. “easy nPA” is the easy and cost-efficient alternative for all providers of online services that plan to use the new identity card fast and uncomplicated without having to deal intensely with necessary requirements and without the necessity to establish own resources. ]init[ AG’s offer bundles all necessary services that are needed for the introduction of the online identification function. “easy nPA” facilitates and speeds up the whole integration process for service providers and provides full cost control due to a predefined price.

“Since one year the new identity card has been providing a secure infrastructure for reliable electronic identity management.” said Cornelia Rogall-Grothe, IT delegate of the Federal Government. “It becomes clear that the more attractive the new identity card becomes to citizens, the more providers of online services are using the forward-looking online identification function. With the offer “easy nPA” ]init[ made an important contribution to the successful distribution of the new identity card and the creation of new online services.”

Dirk Stocksmeier, founder and Chief Executive Officer of ]init[ AG, at the introduction of “easy nPA”: “]init[ is fully behind the pathbreaking technology of the new identity card which is already today simplifying and accelerating first processes in economy and administration. After one year there are still not enough online applications, as nPA integration is mostly too expensive, technically too complicated, and too costly in terms of time for service providers. With the complete solution “easy nPA” ]init[ wants to change that, as “easy nPA” can be integrated easily in existing online presences and processes for identification and authorization of users are made more secure.”

“easy nPA” can be applied everywhere, where an increase of security of existing login processes is desired or required, as for example for shopping on the internet, online banking, or user registration in administration portals.

As a complete package, “easy nPA” includes the use of the eID service providing “Trusted eID Services” and an aligned package of consultation and implementation services.

Further information on the new offer “easy nPA” can be obtained here: eid-services@init.de

press release, 28th October