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Connecting Europe

Berlin ITC Industry Discusses Digital Agenda and New EU Funding Programs with Experts

Discussion round to the subject "connecting europe"With the investment program “Connecting Europe”, the European Union supports industry and science in the development of innovative digital services in the field of participation, identity, and payment. The development of infrastructures is intended to provide new incentives for the implementation of the Digital Agenda 2020 and to promote the innovative strength of ITC companies.

Amt24, the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and the Berlin-Brandenburg Enterprise Europe Network addressed an invited audience on the topics of the new program’s structure and its opportunities for medium-sized ITC entrepreneurs. “Always connected? Digital Agenda, ITC-industry and Europe 2020” took place at Ludwig-Erhard-Haus, on the 7th May. About 15 medium-sized companies participated in the event.

Dirk Stocksmeier, executive chairman of Amt24 and ]init[, particularly appreciated the presence of Dr. Detlef Eckert, Director for Policy Coordination and Strategy in the EU commission’s Information Society and Media DG. Together with other podium participants, he discussed the requirements for regional ITC-companies to be included into the “Connecting Europe” funding program, supporting them to develop innovative solutions for a digital Europe. Additional key aspects were successful collaborations between the main players, and the definition of starting points for the development of digital services in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The participants obtained topical information on the EU ITC-policy. Beyond that, they could directly address their requests, concerns, and requirements to Dr. Detlef Eckert, as an EU representative. Dr. Eckert gave thanks for the valuable input and emphasized that he is looking forward to the forthcoming mutual workshop.  In this working group, the program’s regulations and potential contributions on the part of the companies within “Connecting Europe” will be closely examined.