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Competence. Knowledge. Success.

]init[ Responsible for Concept and Design for Relaunch of www.bvs.de
Screenshot www.bvs.de

The new internet presence of the Bavarian School of Administration (BVS) provides more clarity, faster up-to-date information, and improved online services for participants of training courses and further education.

The successful relaunch is mostly due to ]init[‘s conceptual designers. When working on a portal they put themselves in the position of a client who wants to get fast and clear information on the broad information and service range, schedules for workshops and available documents. The improved focus on the client is also reflected in the new feature “Bildungsangebot A-Z” (Trainings A-Z) on the homepage. Thanks to this new feature all training offers of BVS can be reached directly without any detours.

]init[ also provided the new screen design for the portal. With clear, modern, and broad elements www.bvs.de communicates optimally BVS’ demand for high-quality and activity-oriented education and consultation services.