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]init[ history

  • Logo of ]init[ AG in 1996
    1995: Foundation

    The “]init[ GbR for digital communication and internet automation” was founded on 14 December 1995 by Dirk Stocksmeier and Heinrich Buschermöhle with offices in Berlin and Mainz. Focus of the young company is the public administration.

  • Logo of the state Rhineland-Palatinate
    1996: Internet Style Guide for the State of Rhineland-Palatinate

    ]init[ plans and develops the new appearance of the internet portal for the state government of Rhineland-Palatinate. Information and services for the citizens are presented frame oriented.

  • Part of the car auction platform Ausschnitt aus der Kfz-Auktionsplattform of the police of Rhineland-Palatinate and the coat of arms of Rhineland-Palatinate
    1997: ]init[ brings first Auctions into the German Internet

    For the first time in Germany, cars are auctioned online: for the State Ministry of the Interior and Sport of Rhineland-Palatinate, ]init[ develops an auction platform for old cars of the police.

  • Logo of the police extranet EXTRAPOL
    1999: The Beginning of Extrapol

    The Extranet for the German police force is introduced throughout Germany. Aim of it is the easier cooperation between different states and levels. After being a small project in the beginning, it was rapidly growing: in 2010 already 270,000 police officers exchange information in Extrapol.

  • Word-Picture-Brand of the Federal Government
    1999: Serving the Chancellor!

    ]init[ wins the tender for the internet communication of the Federal Government and designs from now on numerous projects for the Federal Press Office of the Federal Government.

  • Word-Picture-Brand of the Federal Ministry of the Interior
    2000: The Federal Ministry of the Interior becomes a client

    The successful and continuous cooperation with the Federal Ministry and its departments starts: the internet portal is completely revised! Other projects are following like Intranet, IT Consulting and help creating the SAGA documents.

  • Word-Picture-Brand from the Office of the Federal President
    2001: Internet for the Head of State

    From the Office of the Federal President, ]init[ receives the acceptance of its tender for the office’s internet presence www.bundespraesident.de.

  • Besides each other Word-Picture Brand of the Federal Ministries of Finance, of Transport and for Family.
    2002: Federal Ministries rely on ]init[

    Besides the web communication of the Federal Government and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, ]init[ now also takes care of the portals of the Federal Ministries of Finance, of Transport and of Family.

  • Picture of the ceremony where ]init[ gets the Politics Awards 2003
    2003: Politics Award for “Special Performance in Political Communication”

    At the first Politics Award, ]init[ wins the first place for www.bundesregierung.de in the category of internet portals for citizens.

  • View of the Berlin main office Rosentahler Straße into the inner courtyard
    2004: 100 ]init[s

    ]init[ is growing continuously and welcomes in June 2004 already its 100th employee in the office in Berlin.

  • Part of the Experts Plattform SGBII
    2004: Experts Network SGB II

    ]init[ connects local authorities and job centers to cover the increasing need of information due to the introduction of Unemployment Benefit II. Shortly thereafter, already more than 10,000 employees are using the platform moderated by ]init[.

  • Skyline of Abu Dhabi; ]init[ is realizing since 2007 the central E-Government portal for the emirate
    2007: ]init[ goes Middle East

    Due to the large E-Government project for the Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre, ]init[ opens an office in Abu Dhabi – centrally located and with a view at the sea. In 2010, already 20 employees are working there.

  • Picture of the Atomium in Brussels and logo of SEMIC.EU
    2007: Acceptance of the tender for SEMIC.EU

    ]init[ makes its first step into Europe with the winning of the European Commission’s tender for the creation of SEMIC.EU. The platform supports the semantic interoperability between EU member states.

  • Logo of ]init[ AG and of panta rhei systems GmbH, which ]init[ took over in 2008
    2008: Takeover of the panta rhei systems GmbH

    At the beginning of 2008, ]init[ takes over the Berlin based IT company panta rhei. With the strategic merger, especially the know-how for database and software concept is increased.

  • Coat of arms of the Free State of Bavaria and rough drawing of the SOA platform
    2009: SOA for the Free State of Bavaria

    The Free State of Bavaria accepts the tender of ]init[ for creating and realizing the central E-Government platform, based upon a service oriented architecture (SOA).

  • Picture of the flag of the EU in front of the European Commission's building
    2010: ]init[ goes Europe

    In the middle of 2010, ]init[ opens its project office in Brussels. With shorter distance to the EU Commission, the increasing relevance of E-Government in a European context and the project business in the EU area is acknowledged.

  • Logo of the Deutsche Bundesbank
    2010: Deutsche Bundesbank relies on ]init[

    ]init[ received the acceptance of its tender for the Bundesbank’s central internet platform. Just before that, ]init[ Mainz convinced the Deutsche Bank and assures a DOMEA framework agreement in the LDI Rhineland-Palatinate.

  • Great Award for Medium-Sized Enterprises 2011
    2011: Great Award for Medium-Sized Enterprises

    ]init[ was awarded one of Germany’s most important business prizes. The “Great Prize for medium-sized enterprises” honors outstanding entrepreneurship.

  • Dirk Stocksmeier and Harald Felling holding the sign "Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas"
    2011: Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas

    ]init[ was awarded as a “Selected Landmark in the Land of Ideas“ for innovative services around the new identity card.

  • Logo National IT Summit 2011
    2011: National IT Summit

    ]init[ participates in working group 3 of the National IT Summit. Together with partners, the first practical implementation of the process-data-accelerator principle (P23R) within a cross-border context was presented.

  • Team of ]init[ Delhi at the opening ceremony
    2012: ]init[ opens branch in Delhi

    Together with the Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit, Dirk Stocksmeier inaugurated the first ]init[ branch in the seat of government New Delhi at the end of March.

  • P ublic discussion with Prof. Björn Niehaves at the Hertie School of Governance
    2012: ]init[ endowed professorship at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Björn Niehaves has been awarded the ]init[ endowed professorship for E-Governance and Innovation at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.